Inspired by regionalism, nature, and the love of plants, The Garden Scout is an evolving project (est. 2017) by young plantsman and adventure-seeker Travis Cox in his endeavors to bring a sense of community and learning to the realm of gardening. He wishes to bridge the gap between older, more experienced gardeners and younger gardeners seeking to explore the world of plants through interacting with nature.

The Garden Scout is all about exploring new options and experiences in the timeless world of plants.

What Differentiates The Garden Scout?
  1. Fully connecting the garden with nature.
  2. Uses nature as the primary source of inspiration
  3. The only garden website run by an 18-year-old plant enthusiast
  4. Creative content and website layout (work in progress)
  5. Driving my own (as well as others) curiosity to learn more
  6. Being proud of where you are from IS important.
  7. Most importantly, The Garden Scout is for creating “growing” communities (get it?) across the world that foster peace and good nature…basically that old saying you always hear people say : “make the world a better place.”

Travis has witnessed firsthand the HUGE need that there is for a website that shares the stories of new and established gardeners, builds a strong community, and emphasizes regionalism.

For many years, the only gardening inspiration and information sources were based out of the Northeast US, where most of the knowledge and information was targeted.

The Garden Scout shares information, stories, and vital knowledge to bring the new gardening community together. It will eventually incorporate local stories from all over the country, not just one region.