Upon completing the class, I was resolved to create a spectacular garden. 

I could barely contain myself upon first entering the extension office where the program was being taught, and listened in awe as various horticulturists, extension agents, and Master Gardeners gave their presentations over the next several weeks.


The next few years were spent in a continuous cycle of planning, digging, pulling weeds, and planting hundreds of plants.

By the summer of 2016, I discovered that people could create websites to share their interests with the world. That's when I first began chronicling my garden's journey. Over the years, both the garden and the website grew, evolved, and acquired personalities of their own. 

Then, in the summer of 2018 (the summer before my senior year of high school began), I came to a realization...

Since I loved garden design and working with plants, I applied to a handful of schools with the hopes of either getting into a landscape architecture or plant science program.

I was elated when I received a letter from Cornell University inviting me to transfer in sophomore year as a plant science major.

This brings me to today, where I have successfully transferred into my dream school and am pursuing my greatest passion - plants!

This website is where I share my experiences, thoughts, and ideas as I progress towards my goal of graduating with a degree in plant science. It is also my creative playground, where I (unashamedly) spend hours tinkering with designs. 

"Why not pursue my passion for plants as a career?"

If you've gotten this far, thanks so much for reading. I hope to see you around!