Are you ever in need of a sharp, portable digging tool that can also serve as a knife, twine cutter, bottle opener, measuring device, or stake hammer?

If your answer was yes to even one of those questions (even the bottle opener), then you must check out the Barebones Living Hori Hori knife.

The name Hori Hori translates to "dig dig," implying its main use. Of course, this is only a recommendation on what to use it for. In reality it is useful for a huge range of jobs, from performing impromptu amputations on storm-damaged limbs, to cutting twine for staking and tying plants, measuring planting depths, pounding in stakes, and yes, digging.


Hori Hori Knife Digging

Basically, this is the tool to use in the garden. Period.

It is just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand and the sustainable bamboo handle will last a lifetime with proper care. I was impressed with how solid it is, and am positive that it will remain a favorite for years to come!

So...What to do next?

Head over to Barebones Living and experience it for yourself! (This is not an affiliate post. I just really like this tool and wanted you to know about it!)

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