The Garden Scout – Update No. 1

Feb 9, 2018

Hello friends!

Long time no see.

I know…I’ve taken a temporary hiatus from writing due to an incredibly busy school year, a new job, and a mountain of garden work to prepare for the upcoming spring.

My seed orders have been placed and new beds have been planned. Overall, I think this year will be the best yet!

I’ve also been busy on a LOT of awesome behind-the-scenes work for The Garden Scout for the upcoming year – developing new posts, designing a new logo, travelling to some awesome places, and of course, taking hundreds of pictures.

“So, what about this mission of yours?” you may ask.

As most of you know from reading my about page, I have a mission to connect the wisdom and experience of seasoned gardeners with those seeking to grow their gardening knowledge.

Being a 17-year-old with a tight budget, I find that is much easier said than done.  However, I have some ideas rolling around!

I’d like to connect people that share an interest in gardening with one another by interviewing gardeners who have a particular interest or area of expertise and making that information available to everyone.

I also love the idea of passing gardening knowledge from the older generation to the younger generation. If you happen to know of anyone in your area who is super knowledgeable about a certain type of gardening, contact me!

Building a sense of community through developing an interactive forum is something else I am thinking about.

Those are a few ideas about how I will carry out my mission. Now let’s move on to some goals for 2018!

Goal No. 1: Start a mailing list

Starting a mailing list may just seem like a matter of just signing up at some “email marketing” company and sending emails out to my subscribers. Although that’s the gist of what an email list is, it is much more involved than that. I have to figure out the right company to host my emails from, as well as figuring out the correct settings and then setting up the actual mailing list. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of The Garden Scout that has been neglected for the past few months, but I’m positive that 2018 will yield a productive email list!

Goal No. 2: Get a better computer to manage The Garden Scout

A new computer has been on my wishlist for years now, but until recently, has not been the most important item on the list. A better camera, this website, and my garden itself have all been priorities in the past. Now that I’ve finally managed to save up and buy a new camera and start this website, I’m finally able to focus on saving up for a computer. I also (as I’ve previously mentioned) have gotten a job at a local health food store (much more fun than it sounds), so hopefully with my new job I can save up for the next step.

Goal No. 3: Have a guest post on The Garden Scout

This has been a goal from the start. I want to have someone besides myself contribute to The Garden Scout and share their area of expertise with you to give the best information possible on a subject (better than me researching something that I’m not already familiar with). I can’t wait to see this goal become a reality in 2018!

Goal No. 4: Connect with other gardeners around the country

I’ve already done this a good deal since I’ve always had a passion for gardening, but I want to continue to meet new gardeners around the country and find out about their style of gardening. For that matter, I’d be interested in meeting non-gardeners who are interested in growing plants and helping them start a garden. If you fall into either one of these categories, feel free to comment down below and express your interest on either learning about a particular topic, or your passion for plants.

Goal No. 5: Figure out social media

As you can probably tell by the post dates on my Instagram, I have struggled to regularly maintain a presence on social media. I’m just not a very media-oriented person. I’d prefer to spend my free time reading a book or learning a new technique in my garden then sitting at the kitchen table, scrunched down over my phone trying to craft a good post. Nevertheless, I see social media as a necessary thing to do in this day and age, so I will work on trying to improve both my regularity and quality.

Goal No. 6: Improve both quantity and quality of posts

This is a hard one. Like I said about social media previously, I have a problem (as most incredibly busy people do) with posting on a regular basis and continually producing high-quality content. I’m truly wanting The Garden Scout to provide the best experience possible to you, my readers, in both information and the way that information is presented (graphics/pictures). This year I want to work on building up a collection of solid posts that discuss a range of topics in the realm of gardening.


That was a long list that took even longer to write than it should have. Goals are one of those things that I hate to create unless I know for sure I can stick to them, so I had to think hard about which of my crazy ideas actually seem feasible and which are, well, crazy. Lol

I think that about covers every minute detail that is whizzing through my mind right now (save a few surprises).

If you’ve read all the way until now, thanks for being interested in the headway of this project, and until the next post (hopefully soon), happy gardening!

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  1. Deirdre Sullivan says:

    Always great to connect with another passionate gardener!
    I found your website via Margaret Roach.

  2. I am sure you will be getting a lot of visitors from Margaret Roach’s site. Since you mentioned Pam Penick I am assuming that you are familiar with the Garden Bloggers Flings which is a way to connect with lots of gardeners and visit gardens. I went to the 2nd Fling in Chicago but have not gone again, mostly because we have a lot of garden clubs and a big Wisconsin Hardy Plant Society where I am. We are getting some new younger members but none quite as young as you. When I began to be interested in gardening I did what you are doing: read a lot of books. I also was lucky enough to sit next to an experienced gardener at work and she taught me a lot. I garden on a half acre in Wisconsin, zone 5. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Since it is winter up here, I am writing about a number of other topics until I can get out in the garden again.

    • Travis says:

      Hi Linda!
      I’ve heard of the Garden Blogger Flings, but have never attended one myself. I’m told they’re a lot of fun though! 🙂

  3. Lauren🐝 says:

    Hello! I am not an expert on anything! I just like to try to grow lots of different plants and am beter at the growing part than the artful arranging of said material. I just moved to a new house with .39 acres of frozen mud so we’ll see what happens…I wish you success in all your quests.

  4. Bobbie says:

    I found your website via Margaret Roach. Looking forward to your postings!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Hi Travis,
    Found your site thru Margaret Roach too! I garden in the Pacific Northwest(zone5a-6) and run a seasonal nursery with my own big garden. Wishing you lots of good things for
    your new gardens!

    • Travis says:

      Thanks, Cheryl!
      My current garden is still fairly new (established in 2014), but I’m continually adding on and purchasing new and unique plants to test out. I’ve heard the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to live and garden! Sometime I’d love to visit some of the awesome nurseries that are located in your area – maybe I’ll even stop by yours! 🙂

  6. Lillian Osborne says:

    You won my heart with “My library has a huge gardening section, thankfully,”.
    And your love of paper catalogs. True, I would not have found your site without
    being an online fan of Margaret Roach, but it is delightful to find someone who
    has the same attitude toward the tactile pleasures of the printed page.

    All success to you.

  7. Lorraine Wallace says:

    Hi Travis,

    What an inspiration you are! Like many others, I found you at Margaret Roach’s site. Another blog you might like to follow is Nancy Ondra’s Hayfield ( I met Nancy through the Hardy Plant Society, Mid-Atlantic Group years ago. She is a prolific garden writer and has one of the most informative blogs about plants out there. She’s in Pennsylvania, Zone 6, but I’m sure many of her monthly posts will yield something you can use.

    My garden is in high shade outside Philadelphia. I learned about gardening by gobbling up books, seed catalogs, taking courses offered by local arboretum and Longwood Gardens and picking the brains of more experienced friends. My garden evolved from the “Walk around with a plant and finding a space to put it School of Design.” It sounds like you have compressed what took me years to learn in a short time….and at a tender age!

    I look forward to watching you and your garden to grow


    • Travis says:

      Thanks, Lorraine!

      I love Nancy Ondra’s blog, and I’ve read it for years. She’s such an inspirational gardener!

  8. Jillian Curran says:

    I hear ya on the social media!!!!! It drives me crazy but it seems to be a necessary force… sadly! I’m 28 y/o and it drives me nuts, at least you can keep it topic specific and that will make it interesting!!

  9. Shirley B. says:

    Howdy Travis and way-to-go!!
    So nice to see someone young into gardening! I’ve been at it for about 15 years in Southeast Texas-on the Gulf Coast. I’ll be adding your blog to my favorites! Keep up the good work, neighbor!


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